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3 billet rigging is standard on the western and G4 formal dressage models.
Any of the other models can be ordered with 3 billet rigging for $25.00.


The western Sensation saddle comes with three billets. You can select one of these for the stirrup buckle. The other 2 billets are for the dressage girth buckles.

[click pic for large view]



It may be helpful to see how the stirrup buckle attaches to the billet straps. These steps are outlined in the pictures below.


Place the sirrups on the strap. Put the billet through the buckle. If you like a more chair-like seat positon, the most forward billet may work best. If you like to ride wtih your legs a bit more under you, then use the middle or last position. The neat thing is, you have various options!

[click pic for large view]



What you can do with the end strap is to slide the end of the strap back through the bottom buckle slot.

[click pic for large view]


Or, you can just let it hang there.

[click pic for large view]



The end strap can be also be anchored down with a velcro strap that comes with the saddle.

[click pic for large view]



Or, you can place the end strap under the bar of the stirrup.

[click pic for large view]



Do not pinch the straps together as shown below. The straps are meant to be open as in picture 5.

[click pic for large view]



Shortening or lenthening the fender is easy!

First pull up the seat top as needed. Pull the stirrup strap apart from the fender. These two straps are velcroed together as shown below. Use a little finese and move the fender up or down on the strap.

[click pic for large view]



The picture below shows how the fender looks in a shortened postion.

[click pic for large view]


This picutre shows how the fender looks in a lengthened postion.

[click pic for large view]



If you are short-legged the saddle can come with a shorter strap.

Your height and inseam measurements go to Nickers when your order is placed, and they will work with those measurements to determine if the saddle needs the short stirrup strap, or the longer one.

Recently, one of my clients who is 5" tall tried the western demo and found that by putting just one more hole in the billet she could get the stirrups just where she wanted them.

Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions about making these adjustments.

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