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Letter One: Marcia Piermattei - 00/00/2006 - Colorado

I had a really nice yak with Carla yesterday morning. We must've talked for an hour. I told her I was very satisfied with the Sensation. No problems at all and every ride is better than the one before. The other saddles are going on Ebay. That's the best recommendation I can come up with! Incidentally, I am happy to talk with prospective buyers. I've had great experiences with you with the Bob Marshall and now with the Sensation and am happy to recommend you and the Sensation highly.

Got my husband to take some pix Sunday but both Lucy and I looked so fat and dumpy, I need to redo them. Don's tall and he was shooting us from his eye line and that didn't help our appearance. Of course, we ARE kinda fat and maybe dumpy on a bad day. The saddle, however, looked great. I'll take some of Lucy saddled and I have one of us together I can send that makes us look pretty good. Isn't it always a shock when you don't look like the mental picture you have?

Off to do chores. I think Carla will buy the Sensation. I think it's a good choice for what she wants to do and the horse she has.

Letter Two: Dr. Gail Jewell - 00/00/2006 - Canada - Writing to Nickers Saddlery LTD., manufacturer of the Sensation™ Ride saddles.

(Bio on Dr. Jewell - Equine vet & chiropractor, rehabilitation, and sports medicine practice for 20 years. Competitor in combined training & endurance for 30 years. Participates as Veterinarian at international endurance competitions.)

Are you in the market for a new saddle? Distance and recreational riders owe it to their horses & themselves to try the "Sensation" Ride made by Nickers Saddlery of Penticton, BC.

After riding many miles and just assuming pain was part of the process, I took a "Sensation" for a ride. I was nothing short of astonished at the difference it made in the level of increased comfort for my horse and my body. I rode 3 hours with no discomfort for the first time in my life!

I then asked a friend to ride in it. She is an excellent rider and horsewoman but has been forced into a chair seat riding in a saddle she has outgrown. Her posture and seat were instantly near perfect in the "Sensation".

The best way to describe the "Sensation" is to think of it as a true interface between your bum and the horse's back. Both sides of this interface are taken into consideration in the design and function of this product. The result is a happy bum on a happy back!

As an equine vet and chiropractor, I am very impressed with the performance of the "Sensation". I am recommending it to my clients, especially those struggling with back sore horses.

I discovered that the design of the "Sensation" allows it to be used on a range of horse back sizes and shapes. I am able to use it on all three of the horses I ride with only minor adjustments.

Treeless technology may not be for every horse and rider. However, the revolutionary design features, quality of workmanship and suitability for the sport of distance in particular, make it a must to consider.

I cannot encourage riders enough to try the "Sensation"! Remember - before you shop for a saddle, make sure your horse's back is sound and healthy!

Letter Three: Renae Bigley - 05/25/2005

My daughter got a chance to try the Sensation tonight. She absolutely loved it! We did have to use our 30" girth. Her Morgan is quite a big girthed boy. But he was like a different horse tonight and we haven't seen this big of a change in him even on very good nights.

We are definitely going to order one. All I kept hearing as my daughter was riding was 'WOW'. And it fits her wonderfully!

Letter Four: Peggy Kubicek - 09/04/2006

I completed my first 25 mile endurance ride yesterday. Even though I've only had the saddle about 10 days, it felt like I've had it for 10 years. It was so comfortable. I resolved the stirrup issue when I put my old barrel racing stirrups on it. They worked great and my feet/ankles didn't hurt until about the last mile. There was a girl there riding a BM barrel saddle with EZ Ride stirrups and there I was with the Sensation with Ox-bow stirrups. We had to laugh at our mixed up saddles.

Anyway just wanted to let you know I did it. My big old QH girl never quit. I was so proud of her. I think she was the only QH at this ride so we were kind of an oddity. I had one person come up and wanted to check out my saddle, but I was in the Vet check line and didn't have time to talk very long. She really like the way it looked. Thanks for all your help. When I get a picture of my girl in it. I'll send it to you.

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