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Mary Ann Kennedy "The Trail Less Traveled"

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"The Trail Less Traveled"

Music from the heart
about the animals we love.

I have 2 passions in my life. The love of horses, and animals, and the love of music. The trail less traveled embraces them both.

My two soul animals, my dear pug Choy, and the colt I raised, Tonka, shared a birthday on May 16th. Choy was 15 years old and Tonka 9 when their souls flew away together in August 2000. Through my deep grief, little did I know that they would inspire a whole new chapter in my life. Death and rebirth, the circle of life ... it is amazing and I continue to be grateful. They are now my angels, they're "not really gone".

My hope is that hearing this music will inspire healing, joy and celebration of life.

Mary Ann Kennedy

SONGS: Select any of the first six samples by clicking on the song title.

0. Introduction
1. The Trail Less Traveled
2. I Wish I had A Horse
3. Blue Heeler
4. Gotta Go Feed
5. Choy's Song
6. Barn Cat
7. Goodbye
8. Paso Fino
9. Mares
10. Ride My Pony
11. We Share The Earth

Price: $15.00 ea

This new project is innovative, hauntingly spiritual, sometimes hilarious and powerfully insightful.

# # Original Message # # 

From: Noel & Gerri Rini <>
To: Mary Ann Kennedy
Date: Thursday, 04/25/02 8:37 PM

Hi Mary Ann,

We love it. Your songs and music on "The Trail Less Traveled" CD tell an inspiring tale. The music and sounds are very sweet and at times whimsical, bouncy and fun. What a splendid collection.

Horse lovers around the world will beat a path to your door for more.

You may be making history with this CD, that is, creating a new category of music. We love the CD, not just one or two cuts, but the whole thing. And that is so unusual.Thanks very much.

Have a nice day,

Gerri & Noel Rini
First Choice Sport Saddle

Every horse lover will smile at "I Wish I Had a Horse", about Mary Ann's childhood dream; every horse owner will relate all too closely to the universal truth of horse ownership, "Gotta Go Feed"; and no one can sit still to the syncopation of "Paso Fino".

"Goodby", a painfully emotional experience common to all animal owners, will stay with the listener long after the music ends - but, then, so will the silliness of the haughty "Barn Cat". Each cut on this CD evokes a new memory or emotion.

Just Listen to it.

Nashville, TN, March 7, 2002 ...... There is only one way to experience Mary Ann Kennedy - The Trail Less Traveled. Just listen to it.

There is no format for it. There is no category for it. There is no precedent for it.

Mary Ann has 20+ years of traditional success in the country and pop fields with cuts by, or performances with, Emmy Lou Harris, Sting, Art Garfunkel, Reba McEntire, Patty Loveless, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Restless Heart, LeaAnn Rimes and Pam Tillis, among others. 

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