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All new Sensation models come with the hard use strap already secured and buckled on the saddle. Click on the hard use rigging tab at the top of this section for more info. In short, the hard use mode helps to distribute the weight of the riders weight in the stirrups as it pulls down across the horses back when riding. If you are not heavy in the stirrups and prefer more swing in the stirrups then you can attach your own pair of English Leathers and go "free swing".

We thought it would be helpful, to see just how the English leathers are placed on the saddle. Demos will come with both the hard use straps and a pair of English leathers.



Introduction: To go free swing you will need your own one inch English "leathers". Simply take off the hard use straps and put the leathers on the D ring. Picture one below shows the stirrup strap adapter with the D ring. The removable seat top has been pulled back from its velcor base to expose the adapter. This picture shows how to loop your English leathers through the adapter ring so you can ride in the free swing mode.

[click pic for large view]



Begin by putting the strap through the sleeve (you don't have to use the sleeves) then put the leather through the ring threading it from the top and going downward through the ring. Be sure to have the finshed side of the leather facing you. Note: the adapter can be pulled away from the velcro base and moved forward or backward which allows the rider to select where they want to place the stirrups.

Simply put the end strap through the sleeve, threading it all the way through as seen in picture #3.

[click pic for large view]


This picture shows how the leather strap should be set for the next step in picture four.

[click pic for large view]



Set your stirrup in the direction you want it to face and simply put the stirrup on the strap as shown then buckle it.

[click pic for large view]



This is how the stirrup strap will look if you have completed step four correctly.

[click pic for large view]



Next, take the excess end of the strap and place it through the other opening of the buckle.

[click pic for large view]



Next, place the excess strap under the stirrup bar as shown...

[click pic for large view]



If you are using the sleeve you can adjust the sleeve where it is most comfortable. You can also elect to use the small velcro strap that comes with the saddle to secure the end strap if needed. Most of the time it wil stay in place as shown.

[click pic for large view]



If you are not using the sleeve you can just velcroe the leather together jsut above the strap buckle. The buckle should be placed down low by the stirrups. Avoid placing the buckle up under the seat as on a traditional English saddle, as it will be too bulky under your thigh.

[click pic for large view]



[click pic for large view]

All that is left to do is to place the removable seat top back on the saddle and enjoy the ride!

NOTE: The buckle will not interfer with the horse's leg in any way. At least that has been our experience.


[click pic for large view]



[click pic for large view]

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