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Sensation Ride™ Features
Finally a treeless saddle that adjusts to your riding needs!

  1. Built in gullet
  2. Average weight 6 to 8 pounds
  3. Average length 19 to 21 inches, perfect for short backed horses
  4. Durable seat and saddle leather in black and other colors
  5. Soft leather seat, knee & thigh rolls - choice of black and other colors
  6. Underside - Black 75% wool melton/ 25% nylon
  7. Stainless steel O-rings for gear, crupper & breastplate
  8. Removable knee blocks
  9. Beta biothane handle on front with stainless buckle
10. Each Sensation Ride™ has a serial number for identification.
11. Hook & Loop Stirrup Attachment with 1" buckle adjustment
12. Adjustable stirrup strap placement - place it forward or backward
13. Adjustable or removable stirrup straps
14. Set stirrups in two positions, free swing or hard use
15. Removable / replaceable seat top

Recommended Accessories
1. The Sensation Ride™ is best matched to a breathable, shock absorbing, contoured saddle pad.s
2. Regular stirrup irons or endurance stirrups fit properly with the stirrup leathers provided, which are one inch wide.
3. Standard Hunt breastplates are recommended and match well with the Sensation Ride™ English trail version.
4. Also available is the Sensation Ride™ self-centering girth, a girth that has been designed to maximize the Sensation Ride™ advantages.
5. Standard dressage girths will also fit the Sensation Ride™ and nylon Stowaway packs attach nicely to any of the saddle models and provide great storage.


treeless english saddle
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treeless english saddle
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treeless english saddle
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THE STIRRUP STRAPS can be moved forward and back by lifting the seat top, which is velcroed to the base of the saddle, up from the saddle. Then just lift the stirrup strap off the Velcro and place it where you want it. Then replace the seat back on top of the seat base. If you are wondering whether or not the strap will move the answer is no. It is velcroed in place from underneath and from on top by the seat.

treeless english saddle   treeless english saddle
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treeless english saddle
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STIRRUP PLACEMENT OPTIONS are Free Swing and Hard Use Mode. The stirrup straps can be set free swing or hard use. Set the stirrups for free swing if you want more swing in the stirrups or if the rider has short legs.

This is easily set by putting the stirrup strap through the Conway buckle. This mode gives the rider full swing of the stirrups. It is not recommended if you are gong to be "heavy" in the stirrups.

Example of Free Swing Mode
treeless english saddle
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THE HARD USE POSITION is set by removing the strap from the Conway buckle and attaching it to the buckle that is at the bottom of the leather saddle flap. The straps that hold this buckle goes up onto the saddle's flap. When the stirrups are buckled here, greater weight distribution occurs throughout the flap, not just across the back of the horse as it does in the free swing position.

It is important for riders who ride heavily in the stirrups, commonly called Hard Use Mode or Mutli-point Attachment. Use this mode if you are posting or two pointing a lot or otherwise are "heavy" in the stirrups. Just take the end of the stirrup strap form the Conway buckle and attach it on the buckle that hangs from the bottom of the flap of the saddle.

Why use this mode? The weight is not only distributed over the butterfly insert in the saddle but also through the nylon straps going up through the flap of the saddle, which attaches to the buckle, thus the term, Multi-Point attachment.

See the 2 examples below of the Hard Use attachment.

treeless english saddle   treeless english saddle
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POMMEL & CANTLE BOLSTERS are removable to form a smaller seat? Now you can and still use the same saddle. See example below.

treeless english saddle  
treeless english saddle
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ADJUSTABLE & REMOVABLE KNEE & THIGH BLOCKS are for riders who want to create a thicker knee roll or thigh block. This is done by placing the bolsters on the backside of the knee and thigh blacks.

treeless english saddle  
treeless english saddle
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Most people find the saddle does not slip when mounting IF the saddle is properly tightened. However, your personal mounting technique and the shape of your horse can make a difference in whether or not the saddle slips when mounting.

Mount by facing squarely to your horse's side. With one hand on the mane of the horse, mount up. As you do be sure to arch over the horse's back rather than going straight up like a pogo stick. As you rise over the saddle, grab the cantle, putting counter pressure on the cantle to further stabilize it. This is also more comfortable for your horse.

For safety, we recommend using an English breastplate with a wither strap. If for instance, your horse should stop and spin suddenly, the saddle could slip, if not tightened correctly, but the wither strap will keep the saddle from going completely off the side of the horse. The wither strap provides a catch point.

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