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Getting a demo is easy. We have several demos to circulate in the US. Just call Gerri at 614 837-7299, and leave a message, or email: Include your full name, email address, shipping & billing address, and phone number. State that you want a Sensation Ride™ demo and which model, Western, English trail, Hybrid or Dressage.

treeless english saddle

Customers can use the saddle for 5 to 7 days but if more time is needed just call. We are flexible and will work with your particular situation. The demo saddle arrives with a Skito pad & stirrups, and usually two or three girths of different sizes.

When it is your turn to receive the demo we will contact you for your credit card number. The demos are secured with a $1000 to $1500 (depending on the model) deposit charged to a credit card (Visa or MC).

When the saddle is returned to us or reaches the next person your security deposit is refunded.

There is NO fee to actually use the demo, unless damage occurs.

If the saddle is shipped to you from another customer then you will NOT need to pay shipping to receive it. However, you will need to pay shipping to send it to the next customer.

UPS has a convenient 'pick-up' service that you can use for shipping the saddle to the next destination.

Sometimes the demos are here with us when they get shipped. In that case you will need to pay for shipping from us to you. The charge is $30.00 to $70.00 for shipping, depending on location.

If you use our demo and later place an order with us then we will provide a $20.00 credit toward your purchase of a new saddle.

There are 'shipping instructions' and 'use of saddle' instructions included with the demo.

Shipping demos are arranged to move them around faster, and to minimize shipping costs for you. We coordinate by regions, east, central, and west.

Dressage Trail
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