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Sensation Ride™- Treeless Saddles by Nickers Saddlery
English Trail, Dressage Trail, Formal Dressage, Western, Hybrid, Jump
Made in Canada - Designed for Experiencing Full-freedom Riding.

Gerri Rini - Authorized Dealer, 614 837-7299 EST, email to: Gerri @

Please include your phone number with your email so Gerri can call you. Sometimes email can be unreleable.
If you don't get a reply then the email probably didn't reach Gerri. Please follow up with a phone call.

Sensation Ride Treeless Saddles
Dana Johnson of Nickers Saddlery Sensation Ride Treeless Saddles
Sensation Ride Treeless Saddles Sensation Ride Treeless Saddles

Sensation Ride™ saddles fit average sized horses & are particularly well-suited
for wide-shouldered, short-backed horses that owners find hard to fit.

Breeds typically having this conformation include, but not limited to: Halflinger, Andalusian,
Friesian, Morgan, Missouri Fox Trotter, Icelandic, Draft and Draft crosses, Arabian, & Fjord.

Black leather western treeless saddle
Black leather Hybrid treeless saddle
Dressage Trail
Black leather Dressage Trail treeless saddle

Formal Dressage
Black leather Formal Dressage treeless saddle

Click on any of the photos for the large view.

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